iOS 持续集成解决方案

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  • Using OS X Server & Xcode Server & xcsbuildd
  • Basic Steps:
    1. 安裝 OS X Server,打開 Xcode
    2. Settings 選項卡配置 Permission
    3. 添加 SSH Key 到 Xcode Server 上:
      • Login:sudo -u _xcsbuildd /bin/bash
      • Generate SSH Key:ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "$your_email"
      • Show your public key:cat /var/_xcsbuildd/.ssh/
      • Put the key to github
      • SSH your server to accept the fingerprint:ssh -T [email protected]
    4. 配置 Workspace
      • Build scheme:勾選 shared
      • 添加 Server 到 Xcode 中(Preferences 裡面的 Accounts,匿名登錄)
      • 添加 Bot,設置 SSH Key
      • 集成日程安排:選擇一次提交更新一次
      • Add Trigger:

          export LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8" 
          # Put the git repo name instead of “reponame” variable
          cd reponame
          # Remove the following line if there is no submodules in the project
          git submodule update --init --recursive
          # If podfile is not in the root folder uncomment the following line
          # and replace with the real folder name
          # cd FolderName
          pod install
      • 報錯嘗試執行 pod setup
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